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Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. Before continuing for the first time, anyone up for the challenge is invited to read the Introduction which provides a little guidance. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.

Starlight and Moonshine continue their Quest for the Golden Gastropod


Danny is in big trouble. The Samurai are coming for him and he's lost his Moonberry Pie. As always, there is a plan to fix things which seems to be going right; for a while anyway; but although the next stage of the quest sounds pretty simple, it is anything but. And this time it is Captain Starlight who runs into danger.

Come back next month for the final stage of Starlight and Moonshine's Quest for the Golden Gastropod.



Starlight and Moonshine have been asked to help Professor Dib-Dob with his Quest for the Golden Gastropod. Of course, Nuff-Nuff and Henshaw are there to support and arguing as usual. The quest is inscribed on an ancient scroll like a story which our heroes must act out exactly as written. The trouble is, these instructions aren't always easy to understand.


While Lucy and Danny are wrapping Christmas gifts, Father Christmas is in Gumbyland delivering the last of his presents; but there is a problem. Following a terrible accident he will need help to deliver the very last Christmas present; so Lucy and Danny will have to join with Starlight and Moonshine to save the day; as long as they can do it before the sun rises on Christmas day.

Story One - Danny's Terrible Mistake

Trying to avoid work, Danny has gone to the shed for another Starlight and Moonshine comic. While there he has a sneak peek in a box where there are other comics. These, he has been told previously by his grandfather, are too gruesome for someone as young as Danny. Joshua, however, isn't there to stop the boy this time; and what follows as a consequence sends Starlight and Moonshine to an unexpected and very dangerous place.

Story Two - Stranded in a Danger Zone

Danny has inadvertently sent Starlight's ship and everyone on board into a terrifying World War II battle zone. Joshua, Lucy and Danny are reading this strange story at the kitchen table as usual; but the situation for their heroes stuck in the wrong comic book is anything but usual. Now they must find some way to send Starlight and the others back to their own comic book. Joshua, however, isn't even sure if what they've done in the past will work.

STARLIGHT AND MOONSHINE and the Lost City of the Yincas
Story One - A Message In a Bottle

Henshaw the giant penguin butler finds a message in a bottle floating in the sea. It is from Lord Nuff-Nuff's Uncle Dib-Dob who went in search of a lost city; but the crew of his ship mutinied, and Dib-Dob is being forced to continue the search against his will. In a bid to find a way to rescue him, Danny makes a big mistake and puts himself in danger.

STARLIGHT AND MOONSHINE and the Lost City of the Yincas
Story Two - Sailing into Danger

The attempt to rescue Lord Nuff-Nuff's Uncle Dib-Dob continues, with Captain Starlight and Colonel Moonshine pulling out all stops to reach him. But he is in dire straits and they may not arrive soon enough to save him. Can Joshua, Lucy and Danny transport into comic-book world and snatch Dib-Dob from a terrifying death before it's too late?

STARLIGHT AND MOONSHINE and the Lost City of the Yincas
Story Three (final) - Moonberry Pie Magic

If you thought things couldn't go any more wrong than they already have, think again. Starlight, Moonshine and their passengers have landed in really deep trouble, literally; and this time it will take more than a few good ideas to get them out of it. Could it be that someone needs to perform a bit of Moonberry Pie magic?

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