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On the road to happiness small, irrelevant things encountered along the way can make the journey less tiring. We've been looking for some of those amusing incidents that raise a smile. There'll be nothing too serious in Popcorn, just a few reflections on life's lighter side. Please enjoy.....

The Ides of March
bust of Caesar and words


e-stories FREE to download

Longer stories for young and old to enjoy.

Dribble it like Detox (video)

Here’s a home video of our family pet who has since passed away, but not before leaving behind a charming memory of just one of her many accomplishments.

A Visitor's Guide to the Real Australia

Map of Australia
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Part 4 Tru Blue Hospitality

Feral Pest Control Information Sheet

Bio Hazard


Black Cat

Political Correctness

censored sign

Don't say it! Don't even think it!
Where's all the naughty stuff gone?

Someone Once Said ...


Here are some anecdotes that I've collected.

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

While searching through memorabilia, we found this:

The Printing House Rules of 1852
What was expected of workers

The Good Old Days 2

Tankard & Shilling

The King's Shilling
The Right to Vote

Halloween - then and now

Jack o'lantern
It wasn't always about trick-or-treating. I thought that the festival of Halloween originated in America.

Some Words From The Wise

flintlock pistol
What do those old sayings really mean?

Camping Oz-Style Part 1

Back to nature - Fair Dinkum

Camping Oz-Style Part 2

camp stove + pots
Cooking on Camp

The First Valentines

Till Death Did Them Part

April Fool's Day


Olde Words

for Boring the Pants off Other Bores

Derring-do and Dirty Deeds

wild west show

Hello Sailor

numerous flags
Maritime Signal Flags for Everyday Use

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