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Each slice of Moonberry Pie is another story

Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. In the days before printing, story-tellers had to delight listeners with their own words; sometimes by relating actual past events, or by making up fictional tales of princes and paupers. Before continuing for the first time, anyone up for the challenge is invited to read the Introduction which provides a little guidance. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.


Ants are supposed to abide by The Ant Rules; but Skwiz is one of those youngsters who can't see the sense in following time-honoured practices that he regards as pretty stupid. When a new nest has to be built somewhere else, the Queen hopes Skwiz and his young ideas will make the job easier and safer; but this brings him into conflict with the older ants.

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Pooch should have been one of Purdy's Pedigree Pets and the best of the best. Instead he turns out to be just a scruffy, spiky puppy that looks nothing like he should have and is certainly not good enough to sell. Milly and Ben convince their parents that they can look after him and will keep him hidden when customers come to see Pooch's brothers and sisters with a view to buying them; but one day it all goes wrong, especially for Pooch.


Despite the King's soldiers guarding Syrelle's borders 24/7, his dastardly brother Duke Humlock launches another invasion. It seems that adopting the same tactics as last time should repel the invaders, and this is what the King asks of his new wizard. The Duke, however, has brought much more than just his own wizard and a bunch of ordinary horse soldiers: and his apparently invincible reinforcements pose a serious challenge for Wizwoh and his little blue familiar.


Jerry liked playing darts, but growing older it was hard for him to get to the dart-team meetings; so he used to practice on a dartboard hung on his caravan annex wall, which was not ideal. Being good with his hands, he made a free-standing back for his board out of an old packing crate; and he called it Eugene after a name painted on one of the wooden planks. When he falls ill and ends up in nursing home he misses Eugene; and Eugene misses him.


Happy Harry travels the countryside bringing happiness to anyone who is sad; and he does this with his Dream Machine. It makes sweet dreams that it captures in little glass bottles, and Harry lends these to anyone deserving who needs a good night's sleep. But there are conditions...

Celebrating 5 years of Moonberry Pie, here's one for the Storytellers:


After the New Year's party, Rupert and his two sisters decide to make resolutions that they can actually keep. Unfortunately, the ones they choose are so at odds with the kind of individuals they are that the entire experiment was destined for failure right from the start.


The village of Deerymea was once a quaint and popular place to visit; and travellers had to pass through anyway because there was only one road. Then someone decided to build a new, faster road beyond the outskirts; so the village was left isolated and no more visitors came. The new unwanted road was responsible for something else too; and this was to be both the breaking and re-making of Deerymea.

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