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Each slice of Moonberry Pie is another story

Moonberry Pie is a collection of stories for carers to tell young children; but there are no pictures. In the days before printing, story-tellers had to delight listeners with their own words; sometimes by relating actual past events, or by making up fictional tales of princes and paupers. Before continuing for the first time, anyone up for the challenge is invited to read the Introduction which provides a little guidance. Those who have no children, but just like a good story are welcome too.

This month's Moonberry Pie story:


Mulla Flats Station is bone dry, but a big wet is coming and the thousands of sheep have to be moved to higher ground. The drovers haven't long to do this, but using quad bikes and a drone to locate them, they can manage; except for a small mob in Tucker's Creek. If it floods, they will all drown, and it is up to two children with toy drones and an old dog to save them before the rains come.

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Jason loves playing with his little stones. At first sight they seem like any old stones; but each has a name, and all have little faces painted on them. One fateful day, Jason has an accident that puts him in hospital; and when he wakes from a coma a week later he has lost the power of speech. In the meantime, his little stones have been left all on their own and they don't know why; so they set about finding what has happened to Jason.


Towie Roper and his tugboat the Paula Mussel have been together for a long time. With the help of other tugs, they guide the big cargo ships safely in and out of the port of Innistorm. But Paula Mussel's days are numbered and she is destined for the scrap yard; but not quite yet. There is an important job to do and only Paula and one other tug are available; and it is so dangerous that the two tugboats and their crews may not live to tell about it.


Lucy, Danny and their family have gone to the fair which has a new ride - The Amazing Roller Ghoster. Danny convinces his parents to let him have a go, so he and his Dad embark on what should have been just a "mega-cool" experience. Instead, they find themselves in a life-threatening situation which only Starlight and Moonshine can save them from. The problem is: how to bring Starlight's ship from comic-book world into the real one.


Trying to bring Starlight's ship into the real world hasn't worked; so Danny, his Dad and two young ladies remain trapped in the Amazing Roller Ghoster car which is dangling precariously high in the air, ready to fall any minute! The only solution Joshua can think of to rectify the problem is as yet untried. Will it work? There's only one way to find out...


The peace of the woodland is about to be disturbed. More than that, property developers are coming to bulldoze the entire area to make room for human houses; and this will destroy the homes of the creatures which live there. When a combined show of force by the animals fails to stop the noisy machines, Poppy the weasel is called on to help; but she is old now. Can she rekindle her former super powers, or will more desperate measures need to be taken?


When Boobook the owl tells the outback creatures about the human's Christmas story, four emu chicks are hoping that they might also be able to send Father Christmas their Christmas wish. The problem is that none of them can write; so it is up to Wiziwig the dust devil to get the message to the North Pole. Unfortunately, that's on the other side of the world and he isn't allowed to leave the outback.

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