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What if a cushion wasn't a cushion? What if it could talk, and walk, and do things...? That would be really something, and truly quite magical. But everyone knows cushions aren't people - they are just... well, cushions. Or are they? Experience the magic and wonder as you tell your children the stories of the nicest, funniest, cutest, friendliest, most helpful creatures a person could wish to meet. Just the kind of visitors Pronto, Wombat and their friends need as they tackle the problems of life in The Valley.


Pronto is an elf and a pillar of the community able to handle most problems that occur in The Valley; but when told by his friend, Wombat, that loggers are coming to cut down the forest, Pronto is worried because lots of people who live in those trees will lose their homes; and he doesn't know what to do about it. Wombat, however, claims he can call for help from an unbelievable source. Neither of them realise that the instant he does, it will be the start of a truly magical visitation by Rainbow and her children, the wonderful Drumlins.

moonberry pie plus words
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The HUGE Adventures of Starlight and Moonshine
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