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What if a cushion wasn't a cushion? What if it could talk, and walk, and do things...? That would be really something, and truly quite magical. But everyone knows cushions aren't people - they are just... well, cushions. Or are they?

Experience the magic and wonder as you tell your children the stories of the nicest, funniest, cutest, friendliest, most helpful creatures a person could wish to meet. Just the kind of visitors Pronto, Wombat and their friends need as they tackle the problems of life in The Valley.

    Story One - RAINBOW'S GIFT

Pronto is an elf and a pillar of the community able to handle most problems that occur in The Valley; but when told by his friend, Wombat, that loggers are coming to cut down the forest, Pronto is worried because lots of people who live in those trees will lose their homes; and he doesn't know what to do about it. Wombat, however, claims he can call for help from an unbelievable source. Neither of them realise that the instant he does, it will be the start of a truly magical visitation by Rainbow and her children, the wonderful Drumlins.

Something odd is happening in The Valley. Items are going missing; and, as he is the local policeman, Pronto is charged with finding out who is taking them and why. It is very puzzling, until one of the Drumlins notices that the missing things all have one thing in common; and this is the clue to solving the problem.

Wombat reads in his newspaper that a very important person is coming to The Valley. This concerns Pronto because he would like to impress the visitor; but the summer has been a long, hot one, and everything that should be green has turned brown. Reluctant to call Rainbow for her help, the Drumlins come to the rescue with a plan to divert attention from the sad-looking countryside.

A storm is on its way and Pronto is worried that the birds' nests will be blown from the trees. They need to be removed for safety; but there are lots of nests, only one ladder, and even Purple discovers she can't jump high enough to reach them. Time, however, is running out, so the Drumlins must devise a way to save the nests before the storm hits.

Mrs Rabbit has ten children, and looking after them is making her very tired. Pronto decides to give her a rest by taking her little bunnies on a trip to the beach. They are, however, a bit of a handful, so he goes to enlist Wombat's help. This is when disaster strikes because Wombat has left his garden rake in the road, and it blows out four of Pronto's tyres. What's needed now is some Drumlin ingenuity and Rainbow's magic if the beach trip is to be a success.

    Story Seven - SIX SICK DRUMLINS
Pronto is worried about his three Drumlins. They won't wake up and their usually bright colours have faded. Wombat's Drumlins are the same, but he is more concerned that he will have to go back to doing his own chores again. Pronto is many things, but he is not a doctor; and he doesn't believe a people-doctor could help. Their only choice is to call Rainbow. Unfortunately, her solution makes The Valley a very dangerous place.

    Story Eight - SIMPLY THE BEST
While the Drumlins are away on holiday, Pronto and Wombat are growing vegetables to enter in The Annual Valley Show vegetable competition. Unfortunately, growing the biggest and the best turns the friends into fierce rivals. Rainbow decides to return her Drumlins from their holiday early to find a way to solve the problem and teach Pronto and Wombat a lesson.

Granny Crow has been knitting a scarf as a present for Rainbow, but she is very sad because she hasn't finished it and is running out of wool. Hoping to cheer her up, Pronto goes to his shop for more wool, but he has run out, and so has his supplier. The Drumlins come up with an idea to get wool straight from the sheep; but they are all white and Granny Crow needs six different colours. What's to be done, we wonder?

There are problems in town. The streets are becoming so busy and people aren't taking enough notice to avoid accidents. Pronto decides that the best way will be to put up traffic lights at the main crossroads. Unfortunately, nobody truly understands what the different colours of the lights mean; so the Drumlins have to find a way to teach them.

    Story Eleven - THE COMING OF THE GEESE
Each year the geese come to The Valley to build nests and lay their eggs; but those who have already arrived seem worried, and no-one knows why because they can't understand goose-speak. Rainbow arrives to tell of a bad storm which has injured some of the geese making it hard for them to land safely. So, Green comes up with an idea to save the injured geese and the day.

It is Pronto's birthday and Wombat believes he has the best of presents for his friend - a day out boating on the lake. Unfortunately, the boat borrowed from Water Rat is not as safe as it looks. When it starts to take on water, Wombat and Pronto call for help; but they are so far from shore that nobody on land realises they are in trouble. Can the Drumlins find a way to rescue them before they sink...?

    Story Thirteen - WOMBAT'S WOOD-FOR-ALL IDEA
Wombat and the Drumlins are gathering firewood, lots of it; so much that Pronto wonders why. He is surprised to learn that it isn't all for Wombat, but for the folk in The Valley. Wombat says that once the snow covers the wood, no-one will be able to find it; however, if they can make enough bundles of wood now and deliver them, everyone will be able to stay warm. That's the idea, but someone forgot to tell the weather to hold off on the snow storm.

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