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You don't need to throw good money away on guitar tutorials that are likely to put you off trying to learn. Ours is FREE! And it will teach you the basics and how to strum chords to your favourite songs. Later on you'll learn how to pick and strum. Sound boring like all of those other books? Don't believe it. With some plain-speak I can teach you enough to jam with any band. Or you can just entertain yourself in your room. Either way, if you fancy learning to play guitar, get with the program and do it The Easy Way with me.

Module 1. Here you will be introduced to the very basics of music, including how to understand changes in pitch explained with the tonic sol-fa. Then, once you have learned the first three chords, you'll not only be able to play the backing to Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat"; but will have set yourself up for tens, maybe hundreds, of other numbers. Next, you'll move on to the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic "Bad Moon Rising" which you can play with the same three introduction chords; or you can learn three new chords. Plus, there's a simple little trick that will help you change the Key of any song so that you can play it with the few chords you already know.

Addendum 21 Jun 2018 to Learning Guitar Tutorial 1 - Page 11

While working on some new song sheets, I realised that the method I suggested for transposing keys was too simplified. When it comes to half tones, especially in minor keys, sometimes the new chord may be a flat (b). For example: transposing the Cat Stevens song, Morning Has Broken, from the key of C to E, the second chord A minor (Am) becomes D flat minor (Dbm); and the next one, D minor (Dm) has to be played as G flat minor (Gbm). So, if you are going to use the paper-strip method, you really need to add those in-between keys.

It's easy enough. Just make up a couple of new strips like these:

chord conversion

Sorry about that. I hope I didn't confuse you unduly. The Module 1 PDF has now been amended.

Click here for the first lesson Module 1

Module 2 gives you 3 new chords that you can add to the ones you learned in the first module. Then you can stroke a lazy backing to John Lennon's "Imagine"; and skip back a few years to rock with Eddie Cochran's "Weekend".

Sorry, but in this Module 2, the illustration for the right-hand fingering of the G7 chord was wrong. Please check the new PDF for the updated image. If you notice any other mistakes, please email me [dave(at)aseasonofhappiness(dot)com] so that I can make corrections.Thank you.

Click here for the amended second lesson Module 2

Module 3 This third module proves that not all songs are complex and hard to play. Roy Orbison's "Dream Baby" is a breeze. For the second song in the set, learn to pick and strum some Country with The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, and his "Folsom Prison Blues".

Click here for the third lesson Module 3

Module 4 Not all songs follow the standard pattern, and some old ones are often given an updated face-lift by cover artists. Learn to play "House of the Rising Sun" with the raw, gutsy passion of Bob Dylan; then try the same song, but picking the chords as you copy Alan Price's arrangement that The Animals popularised. Next, mix up picking and strumming as you recall the mystery of "Ruby Tuesday" the way Mick and Keith of The Rolling Stones did.

Click here for the fourth lesson Module 4

Module 5 Another Country and Western with this one. You probably know the Kenny Rogers number "The Gambler"; but have you noticed how it goes up in pitch part way through? Learn how to do this and add some more chords to your repertoire.

You can then get a handle on a funky technique that will make your rock really ROCK with Elvis and "Blue Suede Shoes". And if you reckon it's old hat, listen to some of the latest stuff and you'll know where the so-called "new" sounds came from. You might even want to thank The King for that, but I think you'll find Elvis has already left the building!

Click here for the fifth lesson Module 5

Module 6 Here is the final module in this tutorial. It is an introduction into some beautiful chord progressions that make ballads like "What a Wonderful World" truly easy listening.

As a finale, get back to something loud and infectious with AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll".

There are also illustrated dictionaries, for both left and right-hand fingering, listing all of the chords used in the complete tutorial.

Click here for Learn to Play Guitar the Easy Way - Module 6

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