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The Dangers of eScooters and eBikes
eScooter and words
Extra care needs taking with eScooters and eBikes

The Meaning of Money

Take a good look at money from an objective point of view and get yourself back on top. You don't have to be a financial genius to make a few simple changes that will help improve your lifestyle.

Saving on Credit

How to reduce your liabilities and take the sting out of credit. What to look out for when seeking a loan. Get rid of your credit-card debt and keep it under control.


Re-finance and make them work for you. Don't let the lenders call the shots. Simple ways to re-organise and manage your loans. Use credit-cards to actually save money!

The Perfect Investment

You don't need buckets of cash to be an investor. Here's a look at some of the opportunites available to everyone, and a few of the major traps to avoid.

Investing In The Share Market – EVERYONE’s option

Understanding the workings of the share market, along with a way for prospective traders to test the nerves for free. PDF includes blank share-price movement and trading work sheets for you to record your progress.

A Penny Saved
cutting the cost of living

Power and water bills too high? All it takes is a bit of thought and a few minutes each day to cut costs and save yourself hundreds of dollars per year.

On The Road Again
More Economical Motoring

What to look for when buying a used car and how to avoid being taken for a ride. You don't have to be a mechanic to spot the warning signs that show you the good from the bad.

The Bottom Line
the real truth of the final reckoning

Everything costs something, but to really know how much, you need to look at the final reckoning when it's all done and dusted. How to find out if that great deal is what they say it is, or just another money-eater.

Starting Out

Setting up house on your own, or with friends is an exciting prospect, especially for first-timers. But it can come with some very nasty surprises! Learn what they are and avoid paying for them over the next few years.

Your Own Business
Setting up and keeping going

There are many opportunities for the taking, but it isn't as easy as it might seem. Learn about some of the basic considerations and possible traps before you take that final step and become your own boss.

Your Own On-line Business
Can you build it?

On-line business is here to stay, and you can open up shop on your own - but having a laptop with Internet access is only the start. You'll need to know quite a bit more to get your website up and running. Then you CAN do it!

Buy Superseded and Save
last year's model can be better value

Rushing to buy the very latest isn't always the smart thing to do. Often, last year's model is just as good, sometimes better, and it should be cheaper. Here are some things to think about before you jump in too soon.

Scammers - they have YOU in their sights

Not everyone is as genuine and straight as they appear, so be aware, spot the scams and avoid being ripped off by confidence tricksters.

Your last will and testament
Is it really necessary?

Making a will could seem unnecessary right now, but do you really want to leave problems for your benefactors if you die unexpectedly?

Money, Money, Money!

We can't eat or drink it; neither can it be farmed, grown or driven; but empires have been built on it and similarly destroyed by its fickle nature.

Build, Buy or Rent?

Setting up house is one of those milestones in life that most of us look forward to, especially when it is for the first time.

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