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A Season of Happiness book cover

A Season of Happiness by Dave Hawkins

Category: Self-help - illustrated

The must-have guide to better living.  Use it when you're down to give you a lift, and when you're on a high to stay that way.  Work out your problems and enjoy doing it.  Boost confidence, self-esteem and popularity.


The Touch of a Strange Young Man book cover

The Touch of a Strange Young Man by Kathy Sampson

Category: Fiction: General / Intrigue

How would you feel if you opened your eyes one day to discover you were a prisoner in your own home? It doesn't seem possible. You would have seen it coming and taken steps to avoid the dire consequences. But that just means you haven't met Daniel yet.


Waiting for Michael book cover

Waiting for Michael by Kathy Sampson

Category: Fiction: Romance / Suspense

Plotting, scheming, fleeing for her life, then waiting for him to find her, hoping desperately that he doesn't.  These are the kind of intrigues Estelle has only ever read about. Now, they are really happening!  Waiting for Michael was never more terrifying!


Reborn book cover

Reborn by Vin Jackson

Category: Fiction: Heroic Fantasy - Mature readers

Once there was life after death. Now it has become a living Hell! There is no reward, no peace, just a terrifying, archaic existence in a world of violence and depravity. Two ordinary people can change that.
If they can survive! If not, it will be the end of humanity!  The end of everything!!!


The Devil's Whelp book cover

The Devil's Whelp by Vin Jackson

Category: Fiction: Horror - Mature readers

When they came drilling for oil, they disturbed something beneath the sea, and now it wants to play. The rules of the game are simple - win or die!  Del Presswood must do something fast, or lose the rig and his entire crew!  But time is running out!!!


Take My Hand book cover

Take My Hand by Jo Wiles

Category: Non-fiction: Health

Author Jo Wiles tells the stories of 14 McGrath Breast Care Nurses and the patients they have helped and are continuing to help. Take My Hand is heart-warming and truly inspirational - a must-read for patients, their carers and families; anyone, in fact, who has concerns, doubts, or questions about Breast Cancer.


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