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Artificial, certainly - but Intelligence...?

one page checklists
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Focus articles are about an assortment of subjects not covered by other sections

Issue 01

One Carer's Journey
Pink Ribbon

A Season of Happiness author Dave Hawkins shares his experiences and thoughts following his wife's diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Issue 02
Family History

You Must Remember This
Family Portrait

Recording family history for future generations. Why you ought to write about the old days. Plus an example to help you get started.

Issue 03
New Authors

eBooks are the future
Ink Pot & Quill

You have written a book and want to get it published. At long last there is a way to achieve this.

Issue 04

Your personal Jobseekers' guide
Job adverts

Make the most of your unique personality and give yourself the chance to get ahead of the rest and win that job.

Issue 05
The Paralympians

A Tribute to all
Javelin & Target

The incredible achievements of the London 2012 Paralympians are an inspiration to us all.

Issue 06
Breast Cancer

three years after diagnosis...
Pink Ribbon

My personal experiences following breast cancer treatment and how it has changed my outlook on life.

Issue 07
Video Games

Harmless Entertainment or Social Menace?
Game Controller

We tried out a few games to see how they affected us, and we were quite surprised with our findings.

Issue 08
The Ghost House

the Ghost House

The agreement was vacant possession - or was it??

Issue 09
The Gift of Sight

Book plus Spectacles

Important advice on how best to look after your eyes.

Issue 10
The Cyber Minefield

Skull and crossbones

The dangers of taking the internet at face value.

Issue 11
Get into Genealogy

Family Crest

Tips on researching your ancestors and creating a family tree.

Issue 12
Bring back the Magic

Crystal Ball

Life would be so much easier if we could call on its power once in a while.

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