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Multiple Sclerosis
coping with MS
MS is an incurable disease affecting the central nervous system

Who knows best?

Dietitions, health clinics, nutritionists, doctors - they all claim to know what's good for you. But when so much of the advice doesn't seem to work for you, how do you decide who to trust?

Junk food habits

We know it's bad for us, but we're addicted! Learn the fast-food tricks that make it so yummy, and ways to wean yourself off junk-food and back to healthy eating.

That Certain Feeling

A tightening of the stomach, butterflies, goose bumps - we get them for a reason. Inner feelings are our physical guide to avoiding the worst and making the best of situations.

Solutions in Dreams

Dreams and nightmares are more than just fantasies - they are triggered by the incidents and worries of life and can show the way to understanding and tackling them.

Waste Not, Want Not Part 1

Make the freezer work for you. Learn to save when buying meat and vegetables; and how to prepare and freeze your own handy stock of pre-cooked, time-saver meals.

Waste Not, Want Not Part 2

Fresh food is best bought when it's in season. And it can stay fresh, even without a freezer. Learn to keep lettuce and cabbage crisp in the fridge for over a month; plus the storing of fruits and vegetables to last longer.

The No-diet Diet
for Anyone Not on a Diet

Dieting can be a real pain, but it doesn't have to be. You won't have to eat rabbit's food and bird-seed to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In fact, you can continue on with the same food as you are eating now!

Stress - The Necessary Evil

What is stress, why do we suffer from it, how can we reduce it? Understanding why we humans need stress is the first step to accepting, controlling and overcoming it.

You Only Cry For Yourself

Crying is something most of us do from time to time; but there is more to it than an emotional expression of sadness or joy. Shedding tears is our way of showing our deepest feelings. And with them comes eventual peace of mind.

Easy Everyday Exercises

These aren't for fitness-fanatics, just for ordinary people who can't afford the time or money to go to the gym. All this program will cost is twenty-minutes a day to get trim, taut, and maybe terrific - if that's what you want.


You are what your attitude tells people you are. Attitude isn't genetic - you create it, from past experiences, both good and bad. Learn to find the source of your current attitude and change it to your advantage.

Kids! Who'd Have Them?

It's great when they are little, but as soon as they start growing up, they seem determined to take control. It doesn't have to be like that, because there are ways to cope and stay sane.

Mind Games For Better Health

The body, in particular the metabolism, is amazing, a factory that never stops working to produce whatever is needed to keep you alive and kicking. Here are some ideas on how to outsmart it.

Slow Down - you move too fast!

Is it any wonder that you get stressed and appreciate so little? When you think about it, modern living is only fast-paced because that's how you make it. Appreciate more of life by living at a slower pace and taking things easier to reduce stress.

Gluten Free Food

It doesn't have to taste awful. A good percentage of dishes that everyone else eats can be prepared with ingredients that contain no gluten.

I Hate My Job!

Has it changed, or have I? Is it possible that something else has slipped into the equation, perhaps a troublesome development on the home front?

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