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REVIEW of Focus 03
New Authors - a way to publish your book at long last

Writing a book isn't easy; having it published is harder still, almost impossible those might think who have tried and failed. Hardback publishing is an expensive business, what with the cost of printing, distribution and advertising without which the book would not sell. Then there's the author's name. No publishing house is likely to consider an unknown writer unless they have something extra special to offer. As for literary agents, they won't take on new clients who have nothing in print yet, so they aren't an option.

After years of trying to no avail, we have at last found a way. Because they only require one master copy, eBooks are simpler and cheaper to produce. Digital novels are accessible to anyone with a computer or an electronic hand-reader; and although still rejected by the avid "real-book" brigade, they are gaining popularity. If you wish to see your book out there and selling, rather than spending heaps on self-publishing and ending up with a garage full of hardbacks that no-one wants, why not put them on the Internet?

eBookIt.com is a US company based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. We have used them for our books which they formatted from .doc files to produce versions for PC's, Mac and a variety of electronic readers like Kindle. They will also take on the distribution by securing major resellers such as Amazon, Apple and Google as part of the deal. They offer advice on cover designs and the all-important advertising campaign that will get you known. It does cost, but initial enquiries can be made for free; and if you like the idea, you could soon have your novel on the eBook shelves.

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