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Wok vs Fry pan

The Wok seems to be the preferred pan for Asian meals, especially stir-fries; but I use it for general frying too. Because of its shape and capacity, it is particularly handy for dishes that are fried first before a sauce is added. Recipes like Tuna and Mushroom, Chicken Creole and many curries are made easy with a Wok.

When it comes to frying meats that tend to spit oil all over the stove top, a Wok with a splatter guard saves on cleaning. For shallow or deep frying, the bell shape with a small base requires less oil than a conventional fryer; and a lower heat setting is often sufficient. Scotch Eggs and fried chicken are a breeze in the Wok.

If you don't have a Wok, do yourself a favour and get one. The non-stick type isn't expensive. It will not only save you a lot of hassles, but it might also tempt you to try a Chinese or two.

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