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Recycle Those Old Wine Skins

  The silver wine skins from inside Chateau Cardboard boxes are often just binned. Here are some practical ways to make use of them:

Open the valve on the pourer and blow in air, turning the skin into a shiny balloon that can be hung up in fruit trees and vegie patches to deter birds. The kids can even paint them to make their own, special party balloons.

Blown up not quite so full, and they are a handy camping pillow. And why buy expensive bubble-wrap for packing fragile items, when these cost nothing?

With the pourer prized off (sometimes they are a bit stiff); the skin first washed inside and drained; then it can be partially filled with plain water - about half the capacity is probably best. Once the cap is snapped back on to seal, it can placed in the freezer to serve as an ice pack for chilling an insulated bag or Esky. Apart from keeping food cool on picnics, it will help save the frozen shopping defrosting for quite some time.

Instead of cold water, pouring in hot (definitely not boiling!) provides a convenient, temporary heater to keep those take-outs warm on the way home from the Chinese or Burger Bar.

There are probably dozens more uses for those old wine skins, if you just think about it.

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