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Saving the Flatbed Toaster
flatbed toaster

  Electric toasters are great for quick snacks. Toasted sandwiches and even grilling meats like bacon slices are a breeze; but they can cause mess on the unit's surfaces that sometimes burns on making it hard to clean. Over time, the non-stick may become chipped and scratched if care isn't taken. There is a way to save your flatbed and cut down on the cleaning.
  Tear off a strip of baking paper just over twice the depth of the base plate and fold it in half. Leave it on hand while the appliance heats and you prepare whatever it is you wish to toast. Once ready, place the paper on the base, open up the fold, put your toasties on, fold the top of the sheet over, then close the lid. Just take care not to burn your fingers.
  When the food is cooked to your satisfaction, slide it off with the paper and serve. Allow the flatbed to cool; then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Before packing it away, place a double thickness of paper kitchen towel on the base - this will save chipping of the non-stick surface when the lid is closed. Just don't forget to take it off before plugging in and switching on next time.

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