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Microwaved Chicken

Microwaved chicken

  Roasting chicken in the oven is fine when it's a whole bird; but for smaller portions such as breast fillets or pieces it can take a long time and be costly with respect to power. Cooking it in the microwave is much quicker, and it is easy. The chicken breast fillet in the photo was only small - about 200g - and took just 8 minutes. Larger would require a little extra time.
  Trim the meat of fat, then place in a suitable microwave-safe dish or boat with about a tablespoon of water. Cover and microwave on 400 watts for 4 minutes. Turn the breast over, replace the lid and nuke on the same setting for a further 4 minutes. Prick with a fork to ensure it is cooked. If not, turn over again and give it another 2 minutes.
  More than a single breast, or multiple pieces can be microwaved at the same time, but they are likely to take longer.

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