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Frying with Paper

frypan paper snags onion and patties

  Non-stick frying pans are great when they're new. After a while, however, the surface begins to deteriorate causing food to stick and making them hard to clean. Baking paper can prevent this.
  Place baking paper of a suitable size in the bottom of the pan; but make sure to trim any excess overhanging the edge to prevent it catching fire. Pour in 1 tablespoon or less of oil. Spread it evenly over the paper but avoid getting it on the surface of the pan underneath.
  Now, fry whatever you wish in the normal way. As long as you don't have the heat up too high the paper won't burn (see above). When finished, allow the pan to cool; remove the paper, fold and bin it; then simply wash the pan in hot soapy water - easy! You can employ the same method with new pans, and this will help them last longer.

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