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Keeping Celery Fresh

  Most vegies last well in the fridge, as does celery. One time when we were camped in the bush without power and not even a bag of ice to keep things cool, we stumbled across a way to help a half-bunch of celery survive for quite a long while. The idea was simple enough - placing the root base in water, just like cut flowers. As it happened, our half-bunch lasted a lot longer than the other half that our friends kept in their caravan fridge; and as a bonus, new leaves began growing on ours from the centre.
  More recently and back in civilisation, we used the same method, mainly because the fridge was already chock-a-block. A small amount of water in a bucket was all that was required, and this was kept on the floor of the pantry for a while. That was when we noticed roots sprouting from the base, so we transferred the bucket outside.
  This bunch of celery seemed to last for ages, diminishing as we cut stalks when required. The water was topped up occasionally, but it was discovered that it was best to keep the level just covering the roots, and not so far up the stalks that they started to rot at the base. Later, we even put what was left of the bunch in some potting mix and it continued to grow. The stalks, however, were pretty skinny and only useful for stir fries and salads. Still, it was a worthwhile exercise.

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