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REVIEW of Focus 04
Your Personal Jobseeker's Guide

This article is primarily intended for those seeking employment, but it will also be helpful for any situation of a face-to-face nature where impressions count. Attitude is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a person's character, and how it is projected will impact on an interviewer's final decision. A well-rehearsed speech, or just an opening line will mean nothing if it is at odds with the way an applicant behaves and looks. Check yourself in the mirror and say a few words like: "Hello, I'm Sam. Thank you for agreeing to give me some of your time." Now, do you appear genuinely grateful, or sneering and couldn't-care-less? If these words were said to you in this way, would you believe them? Even before writing an application, or making that first phone call, your current attitude will govern your approach and how you sound. So, be critical of these first impressions and make sure you come across well. Try putting yourself in the employer's shoes, because if you wouldn't give yourself the job, why would anyone else?

Sometimes formal qualifications are required. There is little point continuing to try for that type of position without the necessary pieces of paper, so the choice is simple - find out how to get them, or stick to those jobs for which you are best suited. Either way, it won't be easy because there will be plenty of others after both kinds. The ones who succeed will be a cut above the rest with something special to offer. That's the person you need to be. You have to find ways to give yourself the edge, and the Personal Jobseeker's Guide can help you with this.

The full article takes you through the various stages of securing employment, from deciding on the right job, through to giving yourself the best chance of getting and keeping it. The last page is a simple check list - nine steps that will take you where you want to go. Manage to tick those off and you'll jump to the head of the queue.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Focus 04 click here

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