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REVIEW of Focus 06
BREAST CANCER - three years after diagnosis

This article was written by my wife in 2012, and in retrospect it is even more pertinent. Another three years have passed since then and I am delighted to report that recent tests confirm the disease has not returned. We are, however, still mindful of the fact that it might and are doing the best we can to treat each new day as a blessing.

The initial discovery of a small lump in her breast was a shock, the subsequent treatment a harrowing period for both of us. It took me a good deal of coaxing before she was even prepared to consider documenting her thoughts, but once she agreed, her admissions helped put the experience in perspective for her. She was, in effect, talking to herself, and I believe the fears, doubts and eventual hopes she expressed will be of comfort to others.

This is her story and it is not an uncommon one. In the early stages, it was surprising to discover so many strangers were there to help; but as support from government and health agencies began rolling in, there seemed too much. Added to the medical appointments, surgery, weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, it was a bewildering time, suffocating almost. But just as "The Journey" ahead was looking impossible, Donna appeared. She was the McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse assigned to my wife's case, an angel with a Scottish accent who proved to be a life-saver. Accompanying us on our visits to the surgeon and oncologists, she used simple words to explain the confusing medical terms and procedures, and how best to cope. More importantly, she was there for the duration, day or night if needed. Without her continuing friendship, I don't imagine my wife would have completed the treatment and probably wouldn't be here today.

Anyone suffering from breast cancer, and especially those close to them, will benefit from reading my wife's article. It is honest, positively encouraging and, above all, it has a happy ending.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Focus 06 click here

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