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REVIEW of Focus 09
The Gift of Sight

Eyesight is a gift of life that is too often taken for granted. Having said that, parents of young children do tend to be more vigilant in those early years while looking for signs that might indicate treatable problems. Any sight deficiency in the young can cause learning difficulties, and the sooner these are detected, the sooner remedies can be implemented. Left untreated for lengthy periods can result in permanent damage with obvious consequences. When it comes to their own well-being, adults seem less inclined to bother that their eyesight is deteriorating. Ageing does play a big part in this, but many conditions can be treated before they become seriously debilitating. Unlike other inconveniences of life, ignoring the symptoms of poor eyesight doesn't make them simply go away - they just get worse. The only sensible way to ensure this doesn't happen, either to yourself or those in your care, is to seek advice from a qualified optical specialist.

Gary Crerie is one such person, a respected optometrist practising in Perth, Western Australia, and he has kindly listed for us some of the frequently-asked questions along with his answers. He covers a range of concerns and, in simple-to-understand terms, explains about conditions such as: glaucoma, cataracts, macular-degeneration, strabismus, pterygia, amblyopia and colour-blindness. Gary also offers advice on who should have their eyes tested and how often, plus some suggestions on ways to reduce eye strain caused by computer screens and working or playing in situations where light is too strong or weak.

This is information that everyone should be aware of. Eyesight is definitely a gift none of us would want to be without.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Focus 09 click here

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