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REVIEW of Focus 10
The Cyber Minefield
the dangers of taking the Internet at face value

Where would we be without it? The Internet is amazing and so convenient; but it can also be the cause of grief and heartache. The real problems come from cyber criminals, thieves and rogues who prey on users for their own ends. These can be anything from childish disruption to identity theft and even terrorism. It is as well to be aware of what can happen to the unsuspecting, and to have some idea of how to prevent it in the first place.

Don't believe a password will stop these low-lifes. No matter how complex or unbreakable it may seem, they will find a way to get past it. On-line security managers such as Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee provide excellent protection right at the front door; in effect, from the instant a unit connects to the Internet. This does cost, but it is worth every penny They offer varying levels of service to suit individual needs, the most important being the prevention of invasion by viruses and disruptive programs that play havoc with the system and often steal information from the hard drive. No security service, however, can guard against predators.

The majority of these are simply after money. Their approach is usually made in a casual manner, perhaps a request for friendship, or an offer which promises financial reward. Anyone who falls for their scams will suffer, ending up cash-poorer and psychologically bruised. Then there are the vindictive cowards who use social media to intimidate and undermine, posting hurtful messages and blatant lies on Facebook and the like. Victims, especially the young, often take these messages to heart with disastrous consequences. The worst kind, however, are those who will claim to be someone they are not for the express purpose of eventually convincing their target to meet with them in person. It is not difficult to image what happens next if their on-line profile is nothing like the evil predators that they actually are!

You really need to know more about the cyber minefield. It is out there, and it truly is very dangerous!

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