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REVIEW of Focus 12

Bring Back the Magic

So, you've grown up and put childish notions aside. The magic you believed in as a child is now regarded as nonsense. Science explains away the mysteries and life goes on: rationally, logically and very predictably. Who needs magic, anyway? Apparently, quite a few of us. That's why we love watching the street magician, Dynamo. It seems fairly obvious that trickery of some kind is involved. Otherwise, how could he possibly walk through shop windows, or transport himself from one rooftop to another in the blink of an eye? Trying to figure out his secrets, however, simply spoils the illusion; and most of us truly want to believe in the unbelievable.

Without some semblance of magic in our lives we tend to become cynical and stodgy, boring actually; but maybe we aren't as sensible and rational as we like to think. We still perform peculiar rituals to the Gods of chance by crossing fingers and carrying good-luck charms. There is no way that talking to the dice will make them roll in our favour - they are inanimate objects and deaf, for Pete's sake - but if we throw without some whispered words of encouragement, we just know we won't win. This isn't as illogical as it sounds: we were all kids once and we had a wonderful time believing in things that couldn't be explained, and didn't need to be. Just because our hair is turning grey, that doesn't mean the child in us has gone. It is still there, in our minds, in our hearts; repressed maybe, but waiting to be revitalised whenever something is needed to give us a boost.

Belief in a little bit of magic can do that. Try it - for a precious moment or two suspend disbelief, be Harry Potter and bring the power of magic back to your life. Maybe it won't work, probably not - magic's like that sometimes. But, whether it's true or not, if it gives you the extra courage to tackle a problem you have been reluctant to face, where's the harm? And who knows - if the outcome is a surprising success, wouldn't that be magic?

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