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REVIEW of Focus 13

Time Management

I say: "I reckon you really need to manage your time better;" and they say: "We're doing the best we can with what we've got." It might seem that way when most of life is pre-programmed, usually to someone else's clock. People have to work, attend school, do the household chores, shopping, the list goes on. That's the modern era for you - always on the go. And should they suddenly be presented with a spare half-hour, there's probably something waiting on the back burner to swallow it up. Well, here's a suggestion that can make a big difference in the future: don't add even more to an already packed day; instead, chill out and think about yourself for a change. 30 minutes spent re-organising your busy schedule to advantage right now can give you heaps more me-time later.

Tidying as you go is one way to make a little extra down the track. Mess around the place creates more mess, and spending an entire weekend clearing it up seems a waste. Putting things in their rightful places immediately after use saves time later. The same applies to general cleaning. As for the wash - once the laundry is dry, don't just lob it all in a basket to get creased; fold it neatly to minimise the ironing. And those bills and other paperwork don't have to get lost - consign them to a filing box or drawer, then you won't waste hours and days hunting for them when they are needed.

Cars are a real convenience, as long as they are used economically. That doesn't just mean watching the fuel consumption, but the driver's own time should also be considered. Forward planning can reduce the number of occasions the car goes out and back by covering more than one job in a round trip. Starting out for work earlier and leaving for home a little later can help to miss the daily peak-hour rush. This means less fuel burned sitting in traffic jams, and reduces stress as a bonus.

That's actually what this article is about - making life easier, less of a hassle and happier.

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