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REVIEW of Focus 15

Feng Shui vs Western Practicalities
mystical nonsense, or something worth consideration?

You remember the old saying: really clever, these Chinese? Well, it was right. Then there was the other one: it's all done by mirrors. Actually, not all, but some of it. We Westerners tend to pooh-pooh Chinese philosophy without realising that we actually follow many of its principles, especially with regard to Feng Shui. It's about lifestyle and living: focussing on the dwelling, in particular how it is set up and the ideal usage of each space and room within.

To get some idea of how this works, consider a pastime - maybe reading, writing, or watching TV. You'll probably have to admit that each of these is appreciated better in certain places within the home. Which direction is faced at the time can also be beneficial. This may be to do with the natural light through a window, or feeling uncomfortable having one's back to a door. If wherever we are doesn't feel right for what we are doing, we try out other places until we find one that does. Had we been prepared to adopt some of the suggestions of Feng Shui, we could have saved ourselves a great deal of wasted effort.

Feng Shui is apparently based on direction, specifically that of the magnetic compass. Houses facing the wrong way with respect sunlight, summer heat and the cool of winter are less comfortable than those built with climate in mind. Certain rooms can lend themselves to desirable usage - an office, the lounge area, a family room and bedrooms. Even where to place the bed and which way it faces can impact on the person sleeping there. A desk or work-station will be more conducive to concentration in a particular position. A few mirrors around the place give the illusion of space; and a fish tank in the right spot is relaxing.

We can eventually find these things out for ourselves by trial and error. If, however, we aren't too proud or westernised to accept a little help from some wise and ancient Orientals, we could find life more productive and a lot less stressful.

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