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REVIEW of Focus 16

In Case of Emergency
be prepared to evacuate immediately

Everyone needs to - NOW! When this article was first published, someone commented: "Oh, that's a good idea." They were referring to the Checklist at the end which you can pick up in PDF format. They then went on to say: "I could stick it on the fridge." Sorry, but this isn't the idea. When disaster hits, there won't be time to run around looking for all those essentials you may need later. They should already be there, in the Grab 'n' Go bag sitting in a handy spot near an exit. It may be the only thing you can take with you if you have to evacuate immediately.

We anticipated that this might be our situation one day, and we prepared ourselves. It had nothing to do with bulky items like furniture or boxes of family photos: all that concerned us was coping after a possible disaster. So many times we had seen the news reports of people who had managed to escape fire and flood, but had only the clothes they stood up in. They had lost the irreplaceable photos which they could have copied as Jpegs to DVD's or a portable hard-drive. They had no birth or marriage certificates. Those who had thought to take out insurance had no idea of policy numbers, and all their bank cards had gone along with driving licence and other important information they had always assumed would be there when needed. Not anymore they weren't!

My most urgent message is to take action before it is too late. It will cost a little time up front, but could save a lifetime of regret. And please don't imagine it can never happen to you. Maybe you aren't likely to be at risk from bushfires, or hurricanes; and tornados may not frequent the area you live in; but that candle left burning, and a mobile device left on charge that inexplicably catches light can see your home ablaze in minutes. Then, when you are standing in the street gazing at the smoking ruins of what was, you should be breathing a sigh of relief to have that bag in your hand. It won't resurrect anything from the ash, but it will make the next few days and weeks of your life less of a hassle.

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