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REVIEW of Focus 17

Dealing with Depression
the lonely illness that needs more than a little sympathy

Thinking about depression is depressing in itself; that's why society generally sweeps it under the carpet. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it go away; and when so many are victims of this illness and nobody seems to care, the consequences are frightful. The main problem is the tendency to treat depression as a word rather than a severe and progressive mental disorder. Being a bit down or under the weather are convenient euphemisms, excuses people use to fob off a debilitating feeling that has been concerning them of late, one they'd prefer not to discuss. They will have to eventually, perhaps with a psychiatrist, and this is a time when friends and family seem to take a back seat, believing a medical professional has it all in hand. Without the help and support of those close to them, however, these lonely people are unlikely to make a full recovery, if they make one at all.

Psychiatrists see their patients maybe once a week or longer in some cases. Whatever they prescribe, whether it be drugs or a therapeutic activity, the treatment can only work if it is followed to the letter. Depending on the severity of the case, there is no guarantee that the patient is either capable of, or even wants to comply with the doctor's recommendations. Here's where home support is essential - to monitor administration of the drugs, and to inform the medical practitioner of any adverse effects and changes in behaviour that might be important.

Caring for those with depression is not just about making sure they take their pills at bedtime: it is being on hand 24/7 to share, to watch, and to comfort in a bid to win back the confidence in others that has been lost by the one suffering this dark and terrifying condition. There are right ways to do this, and there are wrong ways, so please read the article. Someone amongst you may be struggling with depression right now. Don't let them battle it alone.

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