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REVIEW of Focus 18
Music for Moods and Memories
a simple melody affects us more than we may realise

Music has been a part of life for generations. Not only do we sit in an auditorium for the express purpose of being entertained by it, but it tends to feature in our daily lives as background accompaniment to whatever we happen to be doing at the time. On occasions, a particular style or tempo may be selected because it puts us in the right frame of mind for the job on hand. Music creates moods, stimulates actions and conjures memories of those special occasions in our past. And when we desire to revisit the way we felt back then, it is just a matter of playing that meaningful tune once more.

Have you ever thought about why a particular refrain can change our attitude just by hearing it? Tunes composed in a minor key are sombre and make us sad, sometimes apprehensive. Major keys seem brighter somehow. Tempo also matters - remember the scenes in Psycho and Jaws when those few simple chords repeated over and over, faster and faster, had us on the edges of our seats in anticipation of something terrible about to happen? Without that music, the impact wouldn't have been as powerful.

It seems we need music in our lives to be more fulfilled, more human, more everything. From a nostalgic point of view, it is better even than old letters, photos and home videos. A tune first heard at a momentous time brings back that time in such an emotional way that it could be happening all over again. So, as long as we can remember the tune, memories associated with it will be with us forever.

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