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REVIEW of Focus 20
The Art of Conversation
If we don't use it, we'll lose it!

I know I talk too much, but that's generally during a face-to-face chat; on the phone is a different matter. I hate them with a passion, especially mobiles. Sure, I answer a call occasionally and I send text messages, but only when I have to. I guess I'm in a minority because this kind of communication seems to be an accepted part of everyone else's life, along with social media. On-line chat is understandable when distance between parties is an issue; but when they are in the same room or sitting next to each other...? That has me wondering what is happening to the art of real conversation.

A few words tapped on a keypad, then viewed by the recipient on a screen isn't, in my opinion, a good substitute. How can you know if what you are saying is being interpreted as you would wish when there are no facial expressions or body language to read? There is, of course, the video call via Skype which is one medium I endorse. Our fortnightly talk with a friend in the UK is a real pleasure (communication breakdowns excepted) and we never seem to be short of subjects to discuss. It is like being in the same room; so for us anyway, true conversation is alive and well. But what about the texters and chat-roomers?

Isn't it about time people interacted in person-to-person fashion, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and simply enjoying each other's company? This is the way things were and had to be before IT took over our lives. Taking time to swap yarns was good back then; and it could be again. All it takes is a little practice; and the courage to get off the Internet for a while.

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