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REVIEW of Focus 21
Letters, Assignments, Essays and Presentations

I once met a lovely lady, a farmer's wife who could handle almost everything that came her way; her one shortfall was not being able to read or write. In this day and age it doesn't seem possible that there are still illiterate people around; but that's the truth. There are many more, however, whose grasp of the written word is so limited that, on occasions, it places them at a disadvantage. This article lists a few tips on how to improve writing skills that will be needed from time to time.

Not everything can be done face-to-face. Letters to government departments, insurance companies and suchlike can probably be drafted and written on behalf of someone; but when it comes to things like job applications, these are often required to be in the applicant's own hand-writing. Even those who have reasonable literary skills can sometimes struggle with the wording and format generally acceptable to particular types of letters. Opening a business letter with "Dear Sir," then closing with something like "Best Wishes," is likely to be frowned on. Knowing the basic rules will always make for a better result.

University students simply have to get those essays and assignments right if they are hoping for decent grades. As for the rest of us, being able to write well is very satisfying. Letters to friends and relatives don't just have to be boring reports of day-to-day happenings; and holiday postcards can say more than simply: "Weather's lousy, wish you were here."

There's another thought: with time to assess the wording before submission, the written word can be changed to fit your needs without burning bridges in the process. Unlike the spoken word which can't be un-spoken, the written kind tends to cause fewer problems because it doesn't need uttering until it's right.

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