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REVIEW of Focus 25
After the Resolution
when the best of intentions come to naught

It's here at last - New Year's Eve - that one single moment in a whole twelve months when the world celebrates in unison; give or take the International time differences. Good cheer and great company notwithstanding, there is a personal matter simmering in the minds of most. Seeing as it's the end of what was, looking forward to what might be needs something special to mark the occasion, that being a promise to do something better than before; or not do something that shouldn't really have been done in the first place and caused a lot of grief. These are lots-of-something shortcomings that can be put right with the obligatory New Year Resolutions.

And so to reality. Once the euphoria fades along with the effects of the hangover, the brash determination seems to have waned also. Maybe a bit of effort goes into trying to make the resolution be more than just a pipe dream; but the trying doesn't usually last too long; and the fact that a personal promise wasn't kept isn't so bad because it wasn't last year either; or the year before; or the year before that; and so on.

Right! Forget the year, and the day; and particularly all of those other resolutions that went by the board. Have your New New Year begin now - first of Feb, middle of April, it doesn't matter. Pick a problem you know needs fixing, nothing major, mind; and definitely something you know can be achieved reasonably easily; then go for it! If that doesn't work, you're probably a dyed-in-the-wool incorrigible; but if it does, think on how much better you'll feel by adding a few more small successes to your new New Year. Then you can hold your head high knowing you aren't a loser like all the other hopeless cases who gave up at the umpteenth attempt!

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