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REVIEW of Focus 26
Self-Sufficiency - Is It Possible?

Wouldn't it be great to be totally self-reliant: growing your own food and trading any surplus for whatever you can't produce yourself? Maybe you'd generate power from the sun or the wind; chop down a few trees to extend the house; milk the cow or goat, collect the eggs, and get the loom going for some new clothes. As a bonus, there'd be no taxes to pay because you don't have an actual income; and as for the bank, you own everything outright. Magic! Unfortunately, Harry Potter is pure fiction; and, should you be under the misconception that you are obliged to no-one, the powers-that-be still have a very big say in what you can and can't do.

There are probably land rates to pay; other taxes too, particularly if there's a vehicle involved. The local authorities have bi-laws requiring permission to be granted for tree-felling, home improvements, land-clearance and any number of seemingly nit-picking restrictions preventing you from doing your own thing. And if you have kids, the Education Department will insist you send them to school, despite the fact that you can teach them better at home.

This is not to say you should forget about self-sufficiency entirely. It can be achieved in part; and even if only in a small way, it can prove you still control independence to a degree. See how by reading the full article.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Focus 26 click here

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