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REVIEW of Focus 27
All the Lonely people
They are among us, but who ever sees them?

This is one subject that most of us prefer not to discuss or even think about. It is certainly one that might seem out of place on a website devoted to happiness; but the sad fact remains that there are people in this world who are far from happy. These are the lonely people. They have lost all hope. Laughter and joy are, to them, past tense; a side of life that has disappeared from the dark and frightening void they find themselves in. They see no option but to end it all. Clearly, I am talking about suicide.

It's no good pretending we understand what has brought them to this decision, not unless we've been there ourselves. What we can do, however, is admit that suicide is an on-going problem that can affect us all. The lonely people are among us - associates, friends, family, even partners - and we are doing them and ourselves a disservice by ignoring them in the hope that they can cure themselves.

No, we aren't medical specialists: we're just ordinary folk; but we should be able to recognise the tell-tale symptoms of anxiety, confusion and depression in others, especially those close to us. That's when we are in a position to extend the kind of compassion and support which may, just may, help them turn around and see that life is still worth living.

We can do that simply by making a caring effort. The lonely people really do need us.

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