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REVIEW of Focus 28
Remembrance Day
Staying in touch with family and friends

I wrote this article for Valentine's Day 2017, but the message applies to any time, any year. The giving or receiving of a Valentine card is usually an expression of love and caring, often an anonymous gesture which adds a touch of romantic mystery. It is a simple way of telling someone that they are remembered on this particular day; but what about the other people in our lives - shouldn't we let them know they are special too?

All too frequently, the ones who have raised us are slid onto the back burner as we start making our own lives independent of past associations. Time seems to go nowhere, and before long those regular visits we promised parents that we would keep up have dwindled to the point that we rarely see them. The same lack of consideration can be applied to Aunts and Uncles, siblings and even friends we have lost touch with. Sometimes, especially with regard to those who are older than us, it is perhaps so long since we've seen them that we can't be sure if they are still alive. How sad is that?

Whatever the day, and however busy we might be, we should still make time to renew and refresh acquaintanceships while we can, because none of us are going to be around forever.

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