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Your Personal Jobseeker's Guide

Keeping The Job
  There are ways and ways. Sometimes, just doing what you have to and no more will keep you on side with your fellow employees and, in some instances, avoids confrontations with unions. Managers, however, can take a different view and are often on the lookout for workers who are keen to diversify and learn new skills. They will also be keeping an eye on those who seem to spend too much time standing around doing nothing, especially when they think they aren’t being watched. Rather than being one of these, you should be the person the bosses earmark to fill the position after they’ve sacked the malingerer.
  Once on the job, be aware of your environment and what makes it tick. Bide your time, but be ready to take on more responsibility when the opportunity arises. And when you do step up the ladder a rung or two, don’t look down your nose at the ones still on the bottom. The social skills you’ve learned and practised to get you there will also maintain your popularity in the workplace with everyone you come into contact with, and some you don’t.
  Watch out for the cliques. They are usually there, small groups of workers who band together, believing that they run the show and not the bosses. By all means join them if you fit in and it suits your purpose. If you prefer to remain independent, continue to respect their position and try not to undermine it. You will find other ways to improve your position without making enemies. Always be helpful, pleasant and cheerful, especially with the resident grumps. Given time, you might even get a smile out of them.
  Learn on the job so that you can do it efficiently and without causing problems for others. If someone else needs a hand with theirs and it’s okay by the supervisor, give it to them. Just make sure your own work doesn’t suffer as a result. If there’s a social club and you are asked to join, at least think about it. This can be another source of inside information relating to possible promotions and future company policies that will eventually affect you.
  First and foremost, before you leave home for work, unload your personal baggage. Your fellow workers have their own problems to deal with – they don’t need to suffer the consequences of yours as well. Above all, enjoy working, the work you are doing and the people who are doing it with you. Then the days will seem shorter, and you won’t start hating Monday mornings.


  Adopt a good one that sees you approaching the present and the future cheerfully and optimistically. Be pleasant, polite and always respectful. Find enjoyable ways to put yourself in a positive frame of mind.

The Job Search
  Consider all occupations that you think you might like and be good at. Find out what qualifications are needed for the ones you have in mind, then decide if it is possible for you to get them. Treat every job you apply for as if it will eventually lead to something much better.

Lifestyle Changes
  When you get a job, it will cause major changes to your normal routine. Test this out beforehand to decide how to cope with the new situation.

What Do Employers Expect?
  Consider the industry and the company that you intend to join, then try to imagine the kind of person you would want if you were in the boss’s shoes.

In The Meantime
  While you are searching for the right job, enrol in a pertinent course, or do some voluntary work. This will give you not only qualifications and some current references, but will also provide an idea of how full-time work is going to affect your present routine.

Your Initial Application
   Whether by phone, in person, or in writing, get into the right frame of mind before you start. Your mood and attitude will be reflected in your words and tone of voice. You need to come across as a genuine, pleasant person who will be an asset to the team.

People In The Loop
  Treat everyone you come in contact with as if they will have a say in your suitability. Doorman, receptionist, even the nobody in the elevator – that could be your prospective employer.

Before The Interview
  Research the company, the industry and gather as much information as you can about the products and services they provide. You are offering to join them and you need to know something about the business they are in.

The Day Of The Interview
  Be punctual, dress appropriately and behave like the winner that you are. And relax. You are the best one for the job, so project that with everything you do and say. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Maintain eye contact, especially when they are talking to you, and always be respectful. Remain calm and avoid getting rattled.

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