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REVIEW of Health 03
That Certain Feeling

When someone asks: "How do you feel about that?" the answer will be drawn from two main sources - the mind which analyses the pros and cons of the situation in question, and the body's reaction at the time of asking. Frequently, too much importance is placed on what a person believes to be appropriate. In other words, they think before replying and do so in a way that they imagine is expected. This may satisfy convention and be politically correct, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the whole truth. That sudden tightening of the stomach or a warm glowing sensation are signals from an inner self that knows the difference between pleasure and pain. In effect, they tell us how we should respond in order to avoid sadness and be happy. To ignore them in favour of someone else's ideals is to do ourselves a disservice.

Feelings, that is to say physical reactions, are arguably the best guide to happiness. They tell us what we truly want, how to say what we really mean, and they suggest the course of action least likely to end in regret. By taking notice of these physical messages we are being selfish certainly, but unless we are prepared to look after number one occasionally, true happiness will continue to be an unrealistic dream.

Being social animals, humans need people in their lives, and this association comes with responsibilities. There will always be times when personal desires have to take a back seat, but if this is from choice and in the knowledge that the outcome will be a good one, eventual happiness is an end that does justify the means. We should listen to our inner voice and heed the advice of physical messages no matter how insignificant they seem, or how inconvenient they may be. Only then can we be truly happy.

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