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REVIEW of Health 04
Solutions in Dreams

When someone is in a deep sleep they are often said to be "dead to the world" meaning they are oblivious to everything; at least, everything that matters. Not so in the REM (rapid eye movement) state, that period between asleep and awake. Here is the place where dreams are born. Far from being irrelevant fantasies, these stories are reflections of life, in particular those aspects that a person needs to resolve, but may have slid onto the back burner. The mind knows these problems need fixing, and the longer they are left, the more likely it is that they will keep appearing in dreams; but only in essence. To understand what our subconscious is trying to tell us, we first have to analyse the content to figure out what each element represents.

The scenario itself is like a movie set and may have been borrowed from last-night's DVD or a news event that left an impression. It could even be prompted by something like an electric storm raging outside, or a cool breeze from an open window because, in the REM state, the five senses are still working. These pictures could be so dramatic that they would seem to hold the key; but nine times out of ten the real reason lies in the actions of the dreamer. Are they running towards a vague destination that they never seem able to reach, or away from some peril that almost catches up with them, but not quite? Although these activities are merely an abstraction of a real-life struggle, they are a pretty good guide to the type and seriousness of the matter that the dreamer must resolve to find peace.

During a normal day, not too many will have to dash through flames, but when it is considered that fire is an extremely uncomfortable barrier, it could represent a difficult task that ought to be tackled, yet keeps being avoided. Running to escape an unrecognisable adversary could be symbolic of a problem that won't go away, one that really needs confronting while the person facing it still has some control over the outcome. I am convinced dreams are directly related to waking concerns for situations that need attention. So, enjoy the good dreams and hope to repeat them; as for the other kind, look to daily life to discover the true meaning. Once sorted out, that good night's sleep will be a well-deserved reward.

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