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REVIEW of Health 07
The No-diet Diet - For Anyone Not on a diet

Who isn't on a diet of some kind at some time? The odd person with enough will power tends to stick at it and manages to achieve satisfaction. Most, unfortunately, rarely make it out of the starting gate, and those who do often stumble at the first turn. That's human nature for you. With this diet anyone can succeed, simply because it isn't really a diet at all. In fact, as far as food is concerned, there are very few definite no-no's: it's just a matter of adjustment - if overweight, cutting down on quantities; if underweight, increasing them.

Everything consumed provides the body's needs. The problem comes with excess; then the metabolism has two choices - get rid of the extra, or store it for a rainy day. The latter is where the fat build-up comes from. Carbs, sugar and fat (CSF) of any kind that are not burned off in a reasonably short period are hoarded as reserves. In the case of someone who is too skinny, lack of sufficient fat and energy-producing foods results in the body drawing on those reserves to make up the short-fall. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the consequences of either scenario.

Here's where the No-diet Diet can put things to rights; and it works because there are no drastic changes, merely small ones made over time. Those carrying too much weight should begin by reducing their intake of CSF; but only a little at a time - a smaller knob of butter in the mashed potatoes, 4 cookies instead of 5 and maybe cut down the sugar in tea or coffee by a quarter teaspoon. Anyone trying to gain weight obviously does the reverse. Over time, don't forget - the metabolism must continue to be satisfied until the changes are accepted, otherwise it will react by causing physical discomfort. Once the body is used to the new regime, it is ready for the next stage of less or more, depending on individual desires.

Tips and suggestions on how to make the No-diet Diet work for you can be found in the full article, which includes some advice on general health and exercise.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Health 07 click here

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