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REVIEW of Health 08
Stress - The Necessary Evil

Everyone suffers from stress at some time or another, and those who claim they never do are kidding themselves. Stress is a natural part of every intelligent creature's make-up, humans and animals alike. Without it, they would breeze along caring nothing for eventualities with no concern for fixing up past problems, totally unprepared for whatever the future holds for them. Stress is there for a good reason, keeping us aware of and focussed on aspects of life that truly matter. So, those uncomfortable physical feelings of tension, more than the usual headaches and migraines, frequent indigestion, insomnia and other symptoms are telling us something is wrong. Dismissing or ignoring them only makes matters worse. The best way to handle stress is to deal with it sooner rather than later, in particular the elements that are causing it.

An issue that produces a frown or is a constant worry needs attention. That's why it keeps popping into our heads - a personal reminder to take action. Leaving it till another day because it is too hard or inconvenient is to invite increased stress by adding a further complication: disappointment and, perhaps, a lowering of self-esteem because we are afraid to tackle whatever is worrying us. Quite often, this nagging concern interferes with the ability to concentrate on other important matters, and the overall confusion results in poor decision-making and mistakes being made. Problems snowball; anxiety and stress become critically debilitating, seriously affecting general health. Unless some remedy is found reasonably quickly, mental overload is inevitable.

We can, of course, relieve some of the tension with physical exertion by going for a run or engaging in an energetic sporting activity; but this is a band-aid cure. Even prescribed drugs are only a temporary fix. For mental conditions such as stress, the ultimate solution is down to the individual. Admitting there are problems is the first step; doing something positive to resolve them is the next. Trying to tackle everything at once is a recipe for failure, whereas taking them on one at a time eases the burden bit by bit. Clearer thinking then becomes possible, and with it the road to a less-stressful life will be far easier to tread.

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