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REVIEW of Health 09
You Only Cry For Yourself
understanding why crying is necessary

Remember that feel-good movie you watched, and there was a really sad part when one of the characters died and you had to reach for the tissues - why was that? If the story was fiction, the person in question wasn't real, certainly not close to you. Maybe it reminded you of a personal loss in your past; and if so, you were in effect not even crying for this departed loved one, but for the lonely void in your life following their passing. There are many other reasons why we humans cry, and it is my belief that it is more than just an outpouring of deep emotions. I have come to the conclusion that crying is an expression necessary to relieve the stress of the circumstances which brought on the tears, a cleansing process which helps with closure and frees the mind so that moving on is possible.

It is a very debatable subject, perhaps irrelevant and boring to some, and I agree. This is why I have tried to explain my views in simple terms and in the best way I know how - by reflecting on some of my own experiences. I won't go into details here: these can be found in the full article; but I will say that I have touched on a number of different incidents throughout my life that have brought me to tears. Sadness, loneliness, grief, happiness and gratitude are all there; and I am still here because of them. Once I learned that I was only crying for myself, the road ahead was much clearer and a pleasure to walk.

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