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REVIEW of Health 10
Easy Everyday Exercises
Take Twenty and Tone Up

Health experts are always on about how necessary regular exercise is; and they are right. The trouble comes with trying to fit even a small routine into an already-busy lifestyle that often sees the best of intentions dumped in the too-hard basket. Here are some simple exercises that can be done whenever suits, either in a single twenty-minute session, or broken up into shorter periods. The idea of them is to tone up different parts of the body and increase flexibility. No specialised expensive equipment is required - just a floor with some cushioning, a wall, a walking stick or similar, and ideally a mirror. Each explanation is illustrated, so none are hard to follow.

The accent is on easy, starting off slowly with just a few exercises, building up over time as the body gets used to them. Forget the old saying, no gain without pain. If you experience more than a mild discomfort, back off. Your muscles and tendons will tell you when you've stretched far enough. Just take notice of what they are saying; then you will be less likely to quit because of feeling sore the following day.

Have a look at the article for some idea of what you will be up for if you give this routine a go; but before you take the plunge, check with your doctor first. There may be some existing medical condition that precludes performing certain movements. And remember to take it slow, easy and enjoy the experience.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Health 10 click here

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