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REVIEW of Health 11
One thing you can change to be a better person

Everyone has an attitude. It is rather like a voice in one's head, advising how to approach a situation. That might be defensively, offensively, or placidly; with anticipation or trepidation; hopefully promoting the mood necessary to achieve a satisfactory resolution. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case because attitude is a result of many things, mostly past events and experiences that may be relevant to current circumstances, or have nothing whatever to do with them. As an example, think back to when you upset someone you care about with a display of anger that was inappropriate and not of their making. Maybe the outburst was a result of a terrible day at work; or, as is frequently the case, a string of regrettable days that caused a build-up of frustration. These, in turn, spawned a bad attitude which worsened over a period to the point when it took control - of words and reason. If you calmed down and managed an apology, with luck you also offered some explanation for your behaviour, citing one or two instances responsible for your mood at the time. At least this would confirm you not only took responsibility for your actions; but, more importantly, recognised some of the negative elements making you behave contrary to your nature. Fact - if you know the problem, there's a fair chance you can fix it. Unfortunately, wanting to can be a very different kettle of fish.

That's because attitude is self-perpetuating - it feeds on itself. Left to its own devices, it will take over a personality, changing a once-pleasant, easy-going person into a grouchy cynic that nobody likes. If the transformation is obvious to others, they will be less responsive and may even adopt a similar attitude when in that person's company. They might then take the negativity away with them and inflict it on someone else. Happily, there are some who realise their mood has deteriorated, and why. They will most likely pause to rationalise and re-adjust their attitude to its normal, amiable level. In effect, they have put attitude in its rightful place as a manufactured influence that is only around as long as it suits. These people aren't unique - everyone has the capacity to do something about their attitude. Surely, if it makes for a better life, it must be worth the effort.

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