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REVIEW of Health 14

Slow Down
You Move Too Fast!

Advancements, especially in technology, should be making life easier. There are machines to help with the laundry, washing dishes, cooking and commuting; all these wonders of the modern age giving people spare time to spend on things other than work. And use them they do, often at break-neck speed. They rush here and there, trying to fit in as much as possible; and even conversation has to step up a gear to babble-mode. Is it doing them any good? Perhaps they achieve more than folk could manage 50 years ago, but the cost is considerably higher, particularly with regard to stress.

This is a word that has come to be regarded as an expected, if not an acceptable consequence of life. Everyone seems to suffer from it to some degree or other, but that doesn't make it okay; and it is certainly not necessary. Performing every job and pastime at a slower pace leads to a better appreciation of what each means to us. Fewer mistakes are made, so there is less back-tracking to fix them up. With time to think selfishly, some of them may be seen as pointless and not worth the hassle, which is what this is all about - reducing it and the stress it causes.

Maybe you could take a drive to the beach or the country; not to do anything in particular, but just for the sake of it; just because... Can't, you might say - too much to do. Well, that would be your choice, but I reckon it's the wrong one.

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