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REVIEW of Health 16

I Hate My Job
Has it changed, or have I?

How many times have you thought that? Spending up to a third of life away from things that you love and enjoy does seem like self-inflicted punishment; unfortunately, it is a burden most of us have to tolerate in order to stay financially afloat. Once upon a time the balance between business and pleasure was agreeable, welcomed even; but that was then, so what has changed? If the job is pretty much the same as it ever was, why are we becoming increasingly dissatisfied? The answer is likely to be complex and to find it will probably require stepping back and reviewing the current situation objectively. And that doesn't just mean putting work under the microscope; everything has to be considered - home, relationships, socialising, sport and recreation; everything!

This is because moods and attitudes are created by experiences. These feelings, good or bad, tend to be carried over from one scenario to the next, tempering how we subsequently react. Problems at home, especially those which remain unresolved, are baggage we take to work, and vice versa. Arguing with a supervisor about the new quotas that are impossible to meet has nothing to do with our partner or the kids; but when we arrive home like a bear with a sore head, they are the ones who will suffer. Being no fault of their own, they are likely to give us some of our own back. Next day, the scowl we take to the office or factory isn't going to endear us to our colleagues who will respond pretty much the same as the family. It's a vicious spiral that continues to erode job-satisfaction to the point where the decision to quit, though inadvisable, seems the only option.

Sometimes the job actually is the culprit, especially one that is incompatible with home life. Working long hours, night-shifts, or having to spend weeks at a time away put pressure on families and friends who lead comparatively normal lives. Understandably, they will find it difficult to cope, not merely with the awkward routine, but also with the changeable moods of a person who seems to think more of the job than of them. Eventually, something has to give. It is then a case of which is more important - having enough money right now to spend, or spending more time with the ones who really matter?

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