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REVIEW of Health 17

What Are You Really Afraid Of?
how media pressure influences the way we feel

Crime; someone lurking in the shadows; home invasion: do these fears have any real basis, or are they a result of media indoctrination? Every time we watch a news broadcast we are subjected to whatever it presents; and much of this is fear-provoking. Close to home or not, an act of violence or aggression puts us on guard, wary in case the same might happen to us. So, we check the locks and jump at the slightest noise out of the ordinary. Not that any of these terrible scenarios have been visited on us in the past; it's just that we have been programmed to expect they might be at any minute.

The stimuli are everywhere: in books, newspapers and magazines; there to raise goose-flesh and leave a gnawing ache of fear. And don't think that enjoyable soapie you watch every weeknight is any different. Over a period, viewers become drawn into the fantasy by identifying with the characters, weeping and hoping for them as if they are not only real, but are actually part of the family. Then, on top of their own trials and concerns, they take on the stress of fictitious characters, become intimately involved in their love affairs, their antagonisms, and their problems. As if an ordinary, hard-working person didn't have enough to worry about already!

Maybe some of this is for the best. Nobody wants to be ill-prepared; but becoming anxious and stressed over some event that may never happen is not healthy. If you don't believe me, watch a scary movie and take notice of how you react. Better still, read the full article; THEN watch the movie!

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