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REVIEW of Health 18

Doing What Comes Naturally
a healthy routine for humans

Often, routine seems synonymous with boring. Without it, however, our lives would be considerably more complex and stressful. Being able to breeze through parts of the day that are pretty much the same as they have always been enables us to concentrate on new concepts and challenges without having to worry about the other stuff we can do on auto-pilot. The problem comes when the daily routine is disrupted. Trying to squeeze in something extra to the norm means re-organising or rushing, and this causes stress. To make it easier, we might get up half an hour earlier, or go to bed later. If this is a one-off, little harm is done; but by carrying it on for a period, maybe even making it a permanent fixture, eventually our health will suffer.

Humans need the right amount of sleep every night, usually eight hours. Trading a portion of this in order to complete the new work-load may seem unavoidable. If this state of affairs is likely to be around for a while, the best way to cope is to reduce the time taken up by something relatively unimportant, or cut out the really unnecessary altogether. As for those few hours before bedtime, we all have the last word on how long we spend watching TV and movies, reading and playing video games. Dragging these sessions into the wee small hours is hurting the one person we should really be taking special care of.

Whatever our occupation, paid or otherwise, it should come second to personal well-being. Shift-workers, career-people, and night-owls in particular, all need to have a re-think about how their unusual time-table affects not only themselves, but also their families and partners who have to cope with a routine which, by any stretch of the imagination, is not normal.

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