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REVIEW of Health 19

Your Goals or Someone Else's
Be the person you wish to be - not what someone else makes of you

Everyone has an opinion on everyone else. It may be positive with respect to admiration for their personality and appearance; or it could be negatively critical because they are unattractive in some way. As long as these opinions are kept under wraps, no harm is done; but to voice them, even candidly and with the best of intentions, one person is trying to change another for their own satisfaction. Whether well-meaning or purely selfish, it amounts to manipulation; and nobody likes to be manipulated. It does, however, happen to all of us much of the time. How we respond is what really matters.

In childhood, most of us had plans for when we grew up, what we wanted to be. Adults would probably have ignored aspirations that were too fanciful, or offered us encouragement if, in their opinion, the dream was achievable and would make them proud of us. Later in life, we have won our independence and are able to follow our own stars - or are we? Why do we go to parties when we don't particularly enjoy them? Well, the gang always keep on at us because they want us there. For what reasons though - to pair up with a new friend who was going to be on his/her own; because we've got a car and our licence hasn't been suspended like the rest of them; because we are renowned for making fools of ourselves?

How we dress, behave and what pleases us is a private matter which only we know the truth of. The advice of others can help take us closer to our ultimate goals; just as long as WE decide what is right and proper for us. Ultimately, we must accept responsibility for those decisions; so they really do need to be in consideration of a life that we wish to make, not one that someone else is trying to make for us.

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