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REVIEW of Health 20

They seem to be on the increase, but why?

Allergies have been around for a long time, but people these days seem to be suffering from them more so than they were in the past. Individuals who were never troubled by hay fever before are beginning to be, and many who were always okay with most foods are, almost overnight, being medically diagnosed as allergic to some that they have been eating all of their lives. Peanuts and strawberries spark bad reactions, and intolerance to gluten, dairy foods, etcetera is on the increase. So, what has changed - is it us, the environment, or the produce we buy?

Quite possibly it is all three. With respect to sore eyes and runny noses, the air these days is full of irritant particles that are associated with modern living - fumes and dust from factories and motor vehicles; pollen from a new range of hybrid plants; plus much more that we don't know about. As for food, the old preservatives like vinegar, salt and sugar, which we seemed to be fine with, have been overshadowed by numbered chemicals and additives. The body's metabolism can react to these elements, sometimes dramatically; and, I am guessing, their presence may even alter a person's tolerance of the food these alien substances are supposed to enhance.

We already know that young children react to certain chemicals that cause health and behavioural problems; and whenever possible we try to ensure they aren't exposed to them; but what about the adults who are, after all, only bigger versions of kids? It seems to be a case of: "Do as I say, not as I do." Maybe if we were as picky with our own diet and lifestyle we might not be suffering from so many allergies...?

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