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REVIEW of Health 21
Healthy Living - Not Just Diet and Exercise

Everyone should care about their health, but many don't seem to take the care necessary. Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right food and putting the time into regular exercise. Fatigue and anxiety can result from daily routine, in turn causing digestive problems. This upsets the metabolism and the way it processes nutrients, so people suffering from stress aren't getting the best from those fresh fruit and vegetables, and as a consequence the thirty-minute walk and a session at the gym are harder to cope with.

In effect, it's all in the mind. The brain is the general of the body in its charge and it can only do so much to keep it functioning properly. Certainly, it too needs the protein and minerals from a balanced diet to provide essentials for organs and muscles, not to mention the blood; but it can become overloaded. Having to worry about any number of everyday hassles affects its efficiency; and when that happens, the body and nervous system pay the price.

For this reason, the Healthy Living articles on A Season of Happiness aren't just about diet and exercise: there are also suggestions on psychological issues that need addressing for lifestyle to be improved. If you can find the time, please have a read of some, maybe starting with this one.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Health 21 click here

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