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REVIEW of Health 25
Repetitive Strain Injuries
an ounce of prevention saves a ton of regret

Routine is necessary to get us through each day with a minimum of fuss; so much so that we accept the odd aches and pains brought about by regular and repetitive actions. A sore back from having to lift and carry small children comes with the job of being a parent. The same for an office worker stuck at a computer desk from nine to five, along with tenderness in the hands and arms from using the keyboard and mouse. A kitchen hand standing at a table preparing food may experience similar discomfort. All of these, and many more, are physical work-related problems that need rectifying before they worsen, or result in permanent damage.

Repetitive strain injuries are commonplace; and because everyone else seems to suffer them in some form or another, they are frequently regarded as just an occupational hazard that is really only a temporary nuisance. Complaining to the management about conditions and unsuitable equipment would help enormously; but often, most say nothing, figuring that getting the boss off-side might lose them their job. So, they put up with it to the point where it is too painful to perform their daily tasks, and they either have to quit, or are let go.

Maybe, with rest and therapy, the condition will improve over time. In many cases, however, the cure comes too late and sufferers are stuck with these disabilities for the rest of their lives, restricting future employment prospects and, as a consequence, reducing self-esteem while increasing stress. To prevent this happening to you, please read the full article - it may help.

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