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REVIEW of Health 26
Oh My Aching Back!
consideration and the right exercise can help

At some time, most of us will suffer back pain. It may be accepted as quite normal, particularly when the cause is thought of as unavoidable. But whether work-related or a consequence of some sporting activity, it needs fixing. This article shows a number of illustrated exercises which can be performed daily to help strengthen the muscles that support the spine; and also those which are frequently pulled or torn simply because they aren't used much and are out of condition.

There are three sets of exercises that are simple and don't require specialised equipment - just some padding on the floor and a couple of chairs. The idea is to stretch those muscles and tendons over a period in easy stages, ensuring that care is taken not to overdo it. There are no prizes for doing them faster or better than anyone else; but the rewards with respect to general health and well-being are enormous.

There is one most important thing, though: before getting with the program, check with your doctor first to make sure you aren't going to aggravate any existing medical conditions.

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