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REVIEW of Health 27
Fat, the "F" word

It's an ugly word, obscene really; but if it's justified, say it out loud and do something about it. When the clothes are becoming too tight and you don't like the way you look in the mirror, say it again and admit that you are getting FAT! Then promise to change whatever brought you to this regrettable state.

It won't be easy, particularly if diet and health plans haven't worked in the past. There's so much to consider. Probably regular exercise needs increasing - regular, that is: not just the odd power-walk down to the shops to buy more junk food. And that's another thing: healthy eating. Labels on the packets show the amounts of carbs, sugar and fat in a product. If you know they are excessive, put them back on the shelf and go for something that is better for you - like lean meat, vegies and fruit.

As for the glass or two of wine, beer or spirits, they are only adding to the problem. Do you have any idea what you are loading up with from that bottle of soda, or those cans of sports drinks? If you aren't expending the energy, you don't truly need them.

I have to confess to a liking for these no-no's; but as soon as I see what they are doing to me, I say the "F" word and cut back. At least, until the next time when I find myself muttering it again. I know I shouldn't have told you that, but I'm only human.

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