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REVIEW of Health 28
Start As You Mean To Go On
setting precedents can add pressure to your life

Embarking on a new relationship, whether it be work, personal, or intimate, there is a desire to make a good first impression. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as any initial claims are true and can be substantiated; and whatever effort is put into the beginning of the relationship is sustainable. Setting a precedent is fine; but if it is stressful to maintain there is every chance the truth will out and the eventual outcome will not be a happy one.

A person starting a new job generally has something to prove, in particular that they can not only cope, but are also capable of much more. Going the extra yards to impress the boss is okay provided that the same work-ethic can be repeated day after day. Unfortunately, should this be a team situation, other workers could believe that the newbie is making them look bad. The choice then is who to impress the most - co-workers or the boss? Occasionally a compromise may be reached; more likely, however, someone's nose will be put out of joint causing tension all round.

Individuals who over-extend themselves and try too hard generally pay for it in the long run. And creating a falsified personality may seem the way to win a new friend; until the true one begins to show through. Far better to set standards that can be maintained naturally, and without super-human effort.

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