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One of the problems with respect to attitude is that it is frequently mistaken for feeling. Whereas feelings are stimulated by our inner-self and indicate our heart’s desire, attitude tends to make us act according to the requirements of the bigger picture rather than our own small part of it. A feeling of sadness and compassion for an employee about to be sacked has to be weighed against expedience. No matter how much of a nice-guy the employer is, he must think of the business and change his attitude to perform the dastardly deed. Both sacker and sackee then experience powerful physical changes which adjust their attitudes to one another and the situation that has forced this event on them. Possibly the dismissed worker now hates the boss he once respected, and the employer probably despises himself. These two unfortunate individuals will take their respective upgraded attitudes with them from this point forward and it will impact on all future actions and reactions. One bad day at the office has changed the way each views and responds not only to the world that surrounds him, but also to the way he feels about it.

What does all this have to do with healthy living? Think about it. Everyday, decisions need to be made, actions performed and problems dealt with. Warm, comfortable sensations after the resolution produce an overall feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. Following a good outcome, attitude towards relationships and self-worth, even what to have for dinner, is positive. Not so if the decision made was a bad one. There is a tendency towards aggravation, and that growing incidence of acidity in the stomach predicts that the evening meal will be less enjoyable than usual. All-too often a bad attitude is carried forward to the next day and future situations, feeding on its own negativity, causing both life and general health to deteriorate.

Knowing and admitting that the wrong attitude is making life miserable would seem to suggest its own solution – change it. Here’s where the old excuses come in. There’s nothing we can do to make our lousy job more bearable, or be less concerned over peak-hour traffic and inflation. Maybe not, at least initially, but a change in attitude towards one or all can make a big difference to the way we “feel” about things in general. Analysing feelings, both before and after the event that sparked a negative attitude gives a pretty fair indication of how to reverse it, or at least avoid making it worse. There might be something good in it, no matter how small, amusing even. If there is, looking forward to that aspect, or recalling it afterwards, can lessen its negative effect.

Identifying this little bonus can have a cumulative effect. It will certainly put the unwanted task in a better light which, in turn, lessens the risk of carrying the associated bad mood to other areas, especially those which promise to be relatively enjoyable. They should be regarded as safe havens, sanctuaries to be preserved. The support of associates, partners and family will be more positive towards someone who is at least trying to look on the bright side. That in itself is worth cultivating. And if they know of and can identify with the initial problem, they may even regard the one who is tackling it with a smile and head held high as a bit of a hero. It may even encourage them to follow the example.

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