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Solutions In Dreams

The reason for the dream will be found in thoughts and memory, an issue that is unresolved and will not simply go away, despite being constantly pushed aside, or overshadowed by more immediate circumstances. The essence of it lays in the type of challenge the dreamer has to deal with. Frequently, running is the action the dreamer performs, suggesting the matter in question needs to be tackled soon before it gets worse. Running from something indicates an undesirable event or situation which is coming close and needs to be avoided or left behind. Running towards seems to place the objective in the wish-to-have category. The fact that neither escape nor achievement are realised in the dream passes the resolution back to the conscious. In other words, unless the problem is fixed in reality, it will keep coming back in dreams.

Although the scene within which the dream is enacted may have been sparked by an external stimulus such as the stormy weather outside, it is still pertinent to the interpretation. Returning to that example, the icy wilderness could relate to the dreamer’s feeling of isolation, perhaps loneliness, because they are convinced they must tackle the problem on their own. Being surrounded by vastness and desolation endorses this and adds a hopeless factor – there is nothing out there to help, either with the solution, or in making the right decision towards it. The storm-tossed ship, on the other hand, as a more restricted environment, brings the issue closer to understanding and suggests a degree of safety. The ship could represent home and family, the work-place, or an institution of which the dreamer is a member, while the storm poses a threat from outside, perhaps something specific, or the way of life in general. The third example – hanging onto the plane-wing – underlines the belief that support while deciding how to resolve the problem is there, but is tenuous. The only thing to do is to stay in touch with the speeding jet.

None of this, however, helps to uncover the problem itself. The guide to that may lay in the dreamer’s actions within the scenario. Standing literally or metaphorically frozen to the spot and merely gazing out across the never-ending glacier suggests despondency and the conviction that a solution is beyond the reach and capabilities of the dreamer. Here is a matter of concern that may have been around for some time and frequent attempts to resolve it have failed. On board the ship, however, if steps are being taken to personally steer or trim the vessel, control over the situation has not been abandoned, so the problem is likely to be on-going and finding the answer is still deemed possible. It will be somewhere on the to-do list, but may not yet have reached the priority stage. Out on the plane-wing, the clue could be not so much in the action of the dreamer as in the threat of dire consequences if any move at all is made. Whatever the trouble, it will worsen unless the status quo is maintained. The fact that it is in the dream seems to suggest that the dreamer wishes for the ability to take action and thus win back control over personal destiny.

The above examples and interpretations are extremely simplified and, of course, subjective. There are as many unique dream scenarios as there are dreamers. Their meanings, although obscured, are definitely there to discover and act upon. Individual understanding of a dream and its reason requires insight and honesty. An individual must know and admit to who they truly are and the perspective from which they see life. Every intelligent being’s world is a combination of reality and fantasy, each a product of the other, both providing the balance necessary for rationalisation and inner peace. Neither should be taken for granted.

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