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REVIEW of Money 06
A penny saved - cutting the cost of living

There are other ways to save money than just putting spare cash in the bank. With a little consideration, especially around the home, overall costs can be reduced by implementing a few simple changes.

In the kitchen, for example, some of the appliances in use daily are already high-energy and tend to be more so without due care. The refrigerator door is frequently opened and closed by nearly everyone at some time, and how often might you see someone standing there with it open while they decide what to take out? Especially in warm weather, it doesn't take long for the temperature in the cabinet to rise; then the cooling system has to work harder to bring it back down - that's money wasted. Slamming the door shut has pretty much the same effect.

The oven is another utility that can be expensive to run if taken for granted. Whether gas or electric, if the food isn't ready to put in as soon as the desired temperature is reached, all that is being heated is hot air. Slamming the door after taking a peak at what's cooking is the same as the fridge in reverse. In certain instances, such as with casseroles that take a while to cook, once they have but you aren't ready to serve up, the oven can generally be turned off. Just a few minutes will help keep the power bill down. As for warming plates, they can go in at this time on a separate shelf at no extra cost.

There are plenty of areas where money can be saved, given a little thought. Turn off lights that are not necessary; also heaters and air conditioners. Reduce water wastage in the garden by using an economical reticulation system and setting it to operate on timers. Have a read of the full article for other tips to help manage the household budget.

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