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REVIEW of Money 09
Starting Out

Remember the words of the song: "We've Gotta Get Outa This Place." Sooner or later, most of us take them on board as an anthem urging us to strike out on our own. There's a desperate need to prove, especially to ourselves, that we can survive quite well in the big wide world without someone looking over our shoulders all the time. The idea's great - more than just a bedroom to laze around in, have parties, play loud music; a private palace to keep tidy or messy as the mood suits. That's the theory; in practice, however, there's a lot more to think about than which take-out to order tonight.

Very few can actually afford to do it on their own, figuring that a group of friends sharing the expenses is the answer. That's fine as long as they all pay their fair share and on time. If not, who picks up the shortfall? Money being really important but not the only consideration, there's the compatibility issue. Hanging out together on a casual basis may be enjoyable, but after being couped up in the same building for weeks at a time, personalities and habits will begin to emerge that weren't apparent before; and some of these will be more than a little irritating. If the general consensus of opinion is in favour, you can always chuck out the worst offenders. Then it's a case of finding suitable replacements, otherwise everyone else is going to have to pay more.

This rental thing is totally different to paying board and is far more complex than many realise. To secure the place someone will have paid a bond and signed a lease agreement - that legally binds the lessee to honour all the terms. Despite being warned many times about small print, who ever bothers to read it? The one whose signature appears on the lease will wish they had if a couple of mates have a dust-up and damage the property, because they, not the brawlers, will be held responsible. And if there's a falling-out and it's decided that all should go their separate ways, who do you reckon will be the one still having to pay rent on an empty house?

Yes, starting out is much more complicated than just packing a bag and leaving home. Those who think they know it all soon discover they don't. One way to be a little wiser before the fact is to have a look at the full article. Some of the advice could save you big bucks and a few less sleepless nights.

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